Sea Salt + Orchid
Sea Salt + Orchid
Sea Salt + Orchid

Sea Salt + Orchid

Lemon Squeezy Blooms

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Sea Salt + Orchid scent is a customer favorite! It’s a beautiful, strong scent that will fill your home. Made with dried jasmine flowers. 

Note Profile:

  • Top: Sea Salt, Ozone
  • Middle: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves
  • Bottom: Wood, Tonka Bean

2.2 oz. total, which equals about 6 squares. Because they are handmade, I cannot be exact, but will always get it as close to 2.2 ounces as possible.  

Please read our post about wax melt info and safety here.

I strongly recommend melting these in plug-in warmers. The ones with the tea light under the dish (as in the pics), burn too quickly and don't last as long. They get too hot and also make any brand of melts smoke a bit as it is burning off the fragrance oil too quickly.

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