Meet the family behind Lemon Squeezy Blooms.

photo: keni b photography

I have to laugh--the term Lemon Squeezy seems to imply that flower farming is easy peasy. That might be a bit of a stretch ;). However, I will say that it does seem a little easier peasier with this crew behind me.

This venture into flower farming came about because I think fresh flowers absolutely add value to our lives. It's so refreshing to walk past a bouquet of flowers sitting on my kitchen counter while going about my daily tasks. I believe flowers are a gift from a loving God, given to us to make us pause and appreciate the little things. I want to make fresh flowers a part of my home. They truly bring joy.

I've often been working in my flower or veggie gardens and begin thinking about how many life lessons can be learned while gardening or farming. I want my kids to be involved in this labor of love and hard work, all while enjoying the highs, and learning from the lows. To discover that yes, the bugs, the weather, the disease, and all the trials and errors of growing can be difficult, but we can appreciate the journey even before we see the fruits of our labor.