You Pick Flowers

We have so many beautiful blooms to share! Come enjoy cutting your own flowers on our little flower plot and pick what you like! 

We are located in Grantsville, Utah. Currently this is by appointment only. Please text me at (435) 224-2507 to arrange a time to come on by! If possible, try and make a time work in the cooler hours of the morning or evening. This helps the flowers last longer. 

What to bring: 

  • Sunscreen- Even though you’re probably going to be picking flowers in the morning or evening, you will be in a wide-open flower field.. don’t forget to apply!
  • A good pair of snips or scissors- We have extra pairs to borrow in case you forget, no worries.
  • Gloves- This isn’t necessary but can help when stripping the leaves.
  • Water- That sun can get hot and you will be thirsty, trust me!
  • Bug Spray- There are mosquitoes and flies. 
  • Container- Bring either a regular mouth mason jar or wide mouth mason jar, unless you are choosing to purchase a mason jar, pitcher, or bucket from us, which we will provide and you are able to take home. You may purchase the cream pitchers we have here for an additional $15.00 each. Please check out the You-Pick product page for pricing and availability HERE before coming, and let me know which container you would like if purchasing one from me and paying with cash or Venmo rather than on this site. 
  • Shoes you don’t mind getting a little dirty. 

Upon arrival... 

  • Park on the gravel just south of our cement pad in front of our garage. There will be other cars parked there, likely.
  • Fill your container with water, if needed. There is a hydrant by the flowers with a red/orange handle. 
  • The large bucket is limited to 10 or less dahlia stems. Dahlias are a high-value, labor intensive crop and we will lose money if this isn't adhered to. Dahlias do not open much more after cutting so you do not need to count any buds or multiple flowers per stem—just stem count alone should be 10 or less. Thanks for your understanding!
  • If available, I'll have a green wagon you can pull around. Please be aware the fence out by the flowers is electric. If I have time I will put the goats in a kennel and turn the fence off. But in case I forget, it's best not to touch it or you might get shocked. The wagon will have the snips, containers, gloves if desired, and sanitizing wipes.
  • Please use the sanitizing wipes for the snips for cuts between different dahlia plants. The snips or scissors or clips can spread any viruses not caught beforehand between dahlia plants. Since I save the tubers year after year and also sell them, I want to be careful not to contaminate plants. 


Pick your flowers!

You'll want to walk around the field once or twice to see what you might want to cut. Here are a couple tips to help you out: 

  • Clean your snips or scissors. There are sanitizing wipes in the wagon to do this. If your snips are dirty they will introduce bacteria to the cut stem and the flowers won’t last as long. 
  • Many of the flowers are held up by white netting. Please please be careful not to cut the netting when you are cutting flowers! Sometimes you need to shimmy the flowers out from below, sometimes from above. 
  • Cut flowers deep, and right above a set of leaves. So ideally at least the length of your forearm. I cut my stems almost to the base of the flower just above a set of leaves. A good rule of thumb is to cut at the “V” on the plant where the stem branches. Just find me and I can help if you have questions. We want our plants to continue to produce long stems so this helps them bloom again and again on long stems. You can always recut your stems before placing in your container and/or once home and arranging your flowers to fit the container they end up in. 
  • Strip off all the leaves half way down your stem. The leaves introduce bacteria into the water and shorten the life of your flowers. Also, you will be able to fit more flowers into your container with the leaves stripped. :)
  • Place into water immediately after stripping the leaves. There WILL be some greenery or flowers that wilt right after cutting. But they will perk back up when placed in the water for a few hours out of sunlight. 
  • Feel free to take a packet of flower food (two if buying the bucket of flowers) and a business card home with you. 
  • Once home, let the flowers rest in a cool, dark place for a few hours before arranging. This will allow the flowers to take a nice drink of water and rehydrate and recover from the stress of cutting.  

A few more things:

  • We love dogs, but they are not allowed. If you have a service animal then we will obviously make an exception :). 
  • If you have little children with you, please just make sure that you watch them. Do not let them hold the snips or anything else used to cut the flowers. You may of course help them cut a few flowers if they’d like to help. Make sure they do not touch the fencing for the goats (again, I will try and move the goats and turn off the fence but won't always have time). Also please watch them so they aren't picking flowers you aren't fitting into your containers.
  • Please watch your step! We have the tubing for watering all around, and some larger pieces of wood that might trip you if you are not watching carefully. 
  • Flowers that are cut in the morning or cooler evening hours last longer. If you choose to come during the hotter hours, just know the flowers won’t last as long.
  • Bugs! I have bought beneficial insects such as ladybugs, minute pirate bugs, and green lacewings to try and keep the bad bugs at bay, and have had a more successful season due to this. Please don’t kill them. If they are on a flower you can gently shake or tap the flower to get any bugs off. I’ve not sprayed for bugs this entire season and I’d like to keep it that way. There are a LOT of bees. We love the bees and have never been stung even while cutting flowers, but if you have a fear of bees or are allergic, it’s probably best to skip this experience. 
  • I am happy to snap a couple quick pictures with your phone while you harvest and/or when you are finished. Just ask me :). 
  • We accept cash or Venmo, or payment directly on the website HERE. My Venmo is @lemonsqueezyblooms. 



I am happy to say we have not sprayed pesticides once for bugs this entire season. We occasionally have bugs we do not like, but we want to encourage the good bugs to multiply and eat the bad ones. We also do not want to hurt the bees! In addition, apart from some initial weed killing, we have not sprayed for weeds since the beginning of June. Which is also why you will see a lot of weeds around, ha! 

We hope it is a relaxing time for you to enjoy the flowers! They have brought so much joy to us, and we hope they do the same for you. 


For more tips on how to help your flowers last as long as possible, please read THIS post. 

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